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Psychic Readings (Phone or Office)

Psychic Readings 2017
Preferred Appt Day & Time

15-min ($60)      30-min ($130)       45-min ($180)         1-hour ($200)

By Appointment Only. Same day appointments are rare.

Office Appointments: 30-minute minimum.

Phone Readings: 15-minute minimum.

$60 Deposit Required to confirm your appointment time. Email Robin's office for more information. Pre-Payment ensures quicker response time (24 hours or less). Normal response time to your request is 48 hours.

Angel Coaching Fees
Angel Coaching

6-Session Program


Can be split into 2 or 3 Installments


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Reiki 2017
Preferred Appt Time
Energy Healing - Office only.


Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Elemental Energy Healing
Reiki Energy Healing


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Phone Appointments Only through Feb 28, 2017

Hours: 10a-7p Central

By Appointment Only

 $60 Deposit Required to Secure Your Appointment

(928) 451-5107